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We would like to be a small organization with a bigger goal, to invest our time and resources together with our valued residences and partners, to help positively fuel the society through a corporate social responsibility project – a project that we find true to our corporate conviction and principle. The “Be better together” project is founded with the core intention to build a strong living foundation and to uplift the living standard in the very society we live in.

A simple act of kindness can become big. We only ask for you, together with us, to do just a little more – to see more than just look, and to listen more than just hear – so that we can realize and embrace the potentials within the people and within our city. Because we know this small gesture can one day create a big impact on our society and our country.

The first campaign under the “Be better together” project is a collaborative effort between C Ekkamai and Punyawuttikorn School. The idea is built on the concept of creativity, to support and ignite children to explore and express their imaginations in a form of drawings; the drawings are then depicted and translated onto scarfs. We are delighted to be part of the process and to share this specially tailored scarfs with our residences and partners as the 2018 New Year gift. Underneath that, our ultimate aspiration is to create a space for children to unearth their talents and capabilities, to make them know and see that they can dream, as well as grow up with confidence and real sustainable happiness.

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